Why Dental Implants

A missing tooth can affect everything from your self-confidence to the integrity of your bite. Just one space left behind after a dental extraction can lead to other teeth shifting out of place.

In the past, replacing your tooth meant reshaping healthy teeth to anchor a bridge in place, or wearing a removable denture. Thanks to modern advancements, dental implants have revolutionized the way modern patients are rehabilitating their smiles.

Implants have a 98% success rate, making them more predictable than any other dental treatment. Most of them last a lifetime.

The Treatment Experience

The Consultation: An exam and series of X-rays will be needed to determine if you’re a candidate for implants, or which type of implants are appropriate.

The Implant Placement and Integration: Your implants are placed into the jaw in specific locations. This triggers new bone growth, which fuses the implant permanently into place (osseointegration.)

The Restoration Phase: Once your implants have integrated with the jaw and healing is complete, the fixed restoration can be attached.
Depending on your situation, some treatments happen in a day, while others are phased out over the course of several months.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Most dentists regard dental implants as the gold standard of tooth replacement treatment.

Thanks to implants, you can…

  • Enjoy a cost-effective treatment that outlasts other types of dental therapies
  • Restore your bite with a treatment that is modeled after natural tooth anatomy
  • Avoid invasive procedures that require altering healthy tooth structure on adjacent teeth
  • Stabilize removable prosthetics, such as dentures
  • Speak more clearly, as there are no bulky appliances involved
  • Eat with confidence; your implants won’t slip out of place
  • Enhance the strength of your jaw and preserve natural tooth spacing
  • Care for your smile as if it were real teeth